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Service Center

Ph Point Handels collaborates with the best European and international logistics partners and thanks to a consolidated experience in the management of customs and shipping practices it is able to guarantee an excellent quality service in compliance with the timing agreed with the customer. Our logistical and administrative office is located in Furnitz (AT), in a strategic position to provide its customers with logistical support and guarantee a rapid and economic service.

Import / Export

Thanks to the constant support provided by the international shippers we work with and their logistics platforms located near the most important ports and commercial hubs, today we are able to guarantee a wide range of original Made in Italy quality products

Italian Fine Food

Our mission combined with total dedication is to offer any combination of products and services, based on the specific needs of our customers, always guaranteeing a high level of quality.


Our expertise to provide the best products at the best prices for our customers. Our ideas are based on purchases and accurate market analysis always aimed at a careful and accurate quality control, up to the final delivery. We carefully select both the assortments and our suppliers, to guarantee our customers the highest quality available at the most competitive price.


We try to analyze areas of the markets with the best growth performance, trying to bring the products directly to the customer, optimizing the logistics to obtain faster and more efficient deliveries with lower costs.

Consultancy / Customer Care

The constant attention paid to the customer for the research of the best solutions that the market can offer.

Express Courier

Thanks to the best forwarding partners with whom we work, we can guarantee a safe and efficient service from every point of view. Customs and health practices, logistic advice, handling and storage, are one of the complementary services offered by our company specialized in trade and sale of food products for wholesalers and large retailers.

Our Prestigious Brands

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